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Christine Greenwald

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Welcome! I am a licensed mental health therapist in Ohio, able to treat anyone currently living in the state. I'm glad you are taking the first step towards bettering your mental health. Take some time to explore these pages and if you feel we would be a good fit for working together, I hope that you reach out to me to discuss further!

I work in a collaborative, curious way with clients to help them uncover patterns in their life keeping them from what they are truly seeking. I am LGBTQ+ affirming, pro-diversity, and body neutral. I also welcome those who are neurodivergent or think they might be!


Below you can learn about the main services I offer, both in person and virtually.

Individual Therapy

In individual sessions with me between 45-60 minutes, you will explore themes in your life that have been causing you trouble. We will explore patterns that are holding you back, process old traumas that you are feeling stuck about, and help you develop healthier coping skills for meeting life's challenges.

Play Therapy

Children express themselves through play the same way that adults express themselves with words. Play therapy allows children to process traumas and difficult events in their lives and find more adaptive ways of coping. I also work with parents to help you understand how to best support your child. In person only.

(For children ages 4+)


EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a specific therapy protocol to treat trauma by letting your brain and nervous system do the work for you of healing from your past. It can be done in adjunct to traditional talk therapy. Reach out if you have questions and want to do EMDR as a stand alone or with traditional therapy!

Areas of Expertise

Mental health therapy, treatment of complex / childhood trauma, religious trauma, LGBTQ+, teens and children, neurodiversity

People who seek me out of therapy are usually interested in making deep and long-lasting changes in their lives. More than just some coping strategies for feeling better, they want to get at the root of what has been causing them pain in their lives. If you are ready to commit to the work of changing your inner world and are looking for a compassionate, insightful companion on your journey, I invite you to contact me. We also have the option of incorporating EMDR ( a specific method to treat traumatic memories) to bring relief from problems you haven't yet been able to "think your way out of."


Contact Me

If you would like to learn more, including setting up a free 15-minute phone consult or exchanging information by email, please contact me! You can usually get the quickest response by email, but you can also try me by phone. I strive to get back to people within 48 hours.

115 N Main Street

Bellefontaine, OH 43311

Tel: 937-404-1881
Fax: 937-375-9367

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