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Areas of Expertise

Mental Health Therapy

If you are struggling with to deal with mood / depression or anxiety issues, I can help. We can discuss how those issues are impacting your current life, explore the origins of those feelings and identify unhelpful thought patterns, and help you find relief from feelings of anxiety and depression.

Complex Trauma

I specialize in the treatment of complex trauma, including childhood and other developmental trauma. I have done post-graduate training in NARM (NeuroAffective Relational Model) and EMDR, which are both modalities designed to treat trauma.

Religious Trauma

I view religious trauma as a type of complex trauma, and have the lived experience of recovering from religious trauma from a high-control religion. I see religious trauma clients, and I also write extensively on the topic in a weekly newsletter called "Recasting Religious Trauma."

My Approach

I use a variety of approaches, including trauma-informed, attachment, psychodynamic, relational, person-centered, and existential. I am trained in both EMDR and NARM (NeuroAffective Relational Model), both of which are treatments for trauma. If you are looking for EMDR therapy, we can mix and match traditional talk therapy with EMDR. In our work together, we will discuss what you're looking for out of therapy and begin to explore the barriers that have been standing in the way of what you truly want for your life.

My Approach
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